Design for connectivity instead of design for a Masterplan: in the workshop students are invited to formulate feedforward from a designer perspective on the development of the four Tours&Stories-areas.

Four student teams from TUDelft Architecture / Design as Politics joined the Stadmakercongres. Together with their tutor Mike Emmerik, AIR formulated an assignment and a workshop related to the role of design in the context of connectivity. The workshop focused on the four areas of the Tours&Stories program, exploring the interaction and connectivity within these areas in the past period.

Based on the provided information in combination with their findings during the tour, they were asked to extrapolate this line of thinking and visualise what this area could become in the future:  formulate feed forward. The aim is to develop a plan for the area, which goes ‘beyond master planning’, in which certain aspects are fixed, while others are still unclear. We asked the students to think of: how to deal with this uncertainty as a designer, how to visualise this in a way that is open and inviting to the unforeseen, but is clear about the core values, framework and structure.

Specification of results:
Each group processed their findings and ideas into the following products:
1. A text in which their findings are explained and in which they reflect on their role as a designer in this new situation (beyond master planning)
2. A strategic map for the area that shows the certainties and uncertainties of the plan. What is fixed and what not?
3. Three images (Drawings/collage/visualisation/etc.) which show how this area could develop in 3, 7 and 15 years time.