Phase 1
phase 1 has already been excecuted. This phase was about connection the Wilhelminapier with Katendrecht. With the construction of the Rijnhavenbrug in 2012, these two parts of the city have been connected. which results in an exchange of the cultural program.

Phase 2
The next phase is about the flow through the neighborhood. At this point most people stay at the edges of Katendrecht, but to further activate the area people should also go to the inner parts. we propose to use the existing park to connect the Deliplein and the SS rotterdam. To achieve this use the same elements along this route to extend it, emphasize it and phase 3 make it self-explanatory.

Phase 3
The last phase connects katendrecht with charlois. this results in a better flow and connection with Rotterdam-zuid. as a starter we propose a different route for the ferry than Stedelinks 010. A better connection and flow will active the waterfront between Charlois and Katendrecht.

– Erik Groenendijk
– Tanya Chandra

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